SAF€RA matchmaking platform

Find a partner for your research project

This matchmaking platform allows researchers to find and contact potential partners for the 2024 SAF€RA joint call. Present your ideas for a proposal, your areas of competency, and identify areas of common interest with other players.

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Visit SAF€RA’s call website for more details on the 2024 joint call.

Browse expressions of interest

You can browse ideas submitted by other researchers to identify potential partners with common interests, with whom you can then make a joint application.

SAF€RA partners wish to encourage proposals from researchers who have not previously worked in the field of industrial safety, and therefore do not yet have a well developed network of relations with researchers and organizations in other European countries. SAF€RA partners also wish to encourage multidisciplinary projects, and recognize that researchers may not have a developed network outside of their own scientific discipline.

Publish an expression of interest

Present your proposal ideas (scope of the intended work, your scientific disciplines and competencies) and the ares in which you would like to collaborate with other researchers in the context of the second SAF€RA call. Leave your contact details so that interested researchers can discuss details with you by email.

Use of the matchmaking platform is not a requirement for applying in the joint call.

Pre-proposal deadline June 12 2024