Topic 3 Platform Work


Project Title: 
Platform Work: Social, Psychological and Legal Aspects

Disciplines: Labor Law, Occupational Psychology

The issue or problem addressed
The rise of platform work and the “Uberization” of the relationship between client-employers and "gig workers" is changing the nature of work and the workplace. This form of work has been on the rise especially in developing countries, such as Serbia. In most cases, platform work means work without the protections afforded by labor law in most countries. 
We want to address the following issues of platform work in Serbia and compare/contrast them with a partner country: 
  • means of recruitment
  • workers' awareness of workplace conditions, employment rights and obligations 
  • mentoring of new workers
  • opportunities for training and upskilling 
  • job and workplace conditions satisfaction
  • occupational health and safety, ergonomics
  • stress at work: loneliness and alienation effects, constant evaluation by client-employers
  • workers' awareness of labor law, protection of their rights
  • work benefits
  • Literature review and content analysis of relevant legislation
  • Focus groups with employees 
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Employees survey (questionnaire)
  Expected results/outcomes and impact

  • Detailed and multidisciplinary description of platform work (workplace conditions, social and psychological aspects)
  • Insights into the challenges of platform work
  • Review of labor law (protection of workers' rights) and possible innovations/revisions to recognize platform work 
  • Improvement of workplace conditions and occupational health and safety for platform workers 
We would welcome partner organizations with technical/engineering/industrial safety competencies.

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Organization Faculty of Law and Business Studies Dr Lazar Vrkatić, Novi Sad
Country Serbia
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Pre-proposal deadline September 22 2022